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Centrally located in the Middle East region, Jordan has been the crossing point for many civilizations in history, which explains the richness and variety of its sites and monuments. The country is endowed by political stability and has powerful infrastructure in addition to all the necessary facilities that guarantee the comfort of your stay.

A constitutional monarch, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has been ruled by his Majesty late King Hussein since 1952 till 1999. Executive power is vested in the council of ministers which is appointed by the King, and which is accountable to a two-house parliament. The King appoints the 40 members of the upper house, while the 80 deputies of the lower house are elected by universal suffrage. Constitutional provisions define the rights and duties of Jordanian citizens, while guaranteeing the right of free worship opinion, press, association and private property. For decades Jordan has enjoyed a remarkable political stability. Today, King Abdullah following his father's steps on the road of peace and democracy, continuing what his father and Grandfathers did.

United Arab Emirates

Dubai's culture is firmly rooted in the Islamic traditions of Arabia. Courtesy and hospitality are among the most highly prized of virtues. And you are sure to be charmed by the genuine warmth and friendliness that greets the visitor.

Dubai society is marked by a high degree of tolerance for different lifestyles, Foreigners are free to practice their own religion, alcohol is served in hotels and, provided reasonable discretion is shown, the dress code is liberal. Women face no discrimination and may drive and move around unescorted.

Despite rapid economic development in recent years, Dubai remains close to its heritage. Local citizens dress in traditional robes and head dresses. Arab culture and folklore find expression in poetry, dancing, songs and traditional art. Weddings and other celebrations are colourful occasions of feasting and music. And traditional sports such as falconry, camel racing and dhow racing at sea, continue to thrive.

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